Monday, March 01, 2010

Credant mobile guardian uninstall

Since we all used to have laptops, the company had asked us to install a new software, Credant mobile guardian, for encrypting data on the hard disk. After installing it, the restart dialog kept coming as many times as it was rebooted.
Finally, frustrated, I renamed the file name in c:\Windows\System32\CmgShieldUI.exe to CmgShieldUI_.exe and CmgShieldSvc.exe to CmgShieldSvc_.exe
Then, kill CmgShieldUI.exe from task manager (For n00bs out there, 'kill' means 'End process').
Hover over the tray icon & it disappears!
Also it might be a good idea to remove these from startup (msconfig).

P.S. If you noticed, I didn't really uninstall, but just hacked my way through to disable the damn thing. This procedure should work with pretty much any software that's annoying the same way this one does.